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Assistance with Preparation of Visa Petitions & Waiver Applications

First-time Preparers

If this is your first time preparing a visa petition, waiver application or other application for relief, IMMLAC can assist you in determining what evidence is needed to support the petition/application, including affidavits, psychological reports, and/or country condition information. IMMLAC can also provide examples of cover letters to accompany the petition/application. IMMLAC will then review the evidence and cover letter for you to ensure it captures all necessary and relevant information. IMMLAC will be with you each step of the way to answer questions you may have about the process or the substance of the petition/application. In this context, IMMLAC acts solely as a consultant and advisor to help you develop your petition/application preparation skills so that you can be confident going forward in your ability to take on similar cases and clients. IMMLAC looks forward to working with you and helping you to grow your practice!

Skilled Preparers

 No matter how many petitions or applications you may have prepared, petitions and applications often fare much better when accompanied by a cover letter “brief” that demonstrates the bona fides of a marriage, extreme hardship for a waiver, or that an application should be granted in the exercise of discretion. IMMLAC has the experience and skills necessary to prepare such cover letters for you. The cover letters IMMLAC prepares are very fact-intensive, thorough, detailed and persuasive. IMMLAC reviews all evidence in support of the petition or application, conducts any needed legal research, gathers any additional evidence such as background country conditions, and conducts an analysis based on applicable legal standards and factors. IMMLAC is here to relieve you of the pressure of handling this labor-intensive task. Whether you do not have the time to dedicate to such tasks, are short-handed in your office, or simply do not enjoy writing, you can rely on IMMLAC for your petition/application preparation needs.