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Circuit Court Appeals

Lisa A. Compagno, Esq. is admitted to practice in the Fourth, Fifth and Eleventh Circuits.

Petitions for Review (“PFR”)

IMMLAC can prepare a PFR for you with any federal circuit court.  If outside the Fourth, Fifth, or Eleventh circuits, however, you must be admitted to practice in the applicable circuit.  IMMLAC will prepare the PFR based on a review of the Immigration Judge and Board of Immigration Appeal (“BIA”) decisions, the brief you filed in the preceding BIA appeal, and the Notice to Appear.  The PFR will cover the circuit court’s jurisdiction as well as the basis for the PFR.  The PFR will also include the Certificate of Interested Persons.  IMMLAC’s fee for preparing the PFR does not include the filing fee for the court.  Please check the applicable court’s website for the required fee.

Stay Motions

IMMLAC can prepare a Motion to Stay Removal for filing with the circuit court.  Stay motions must address certain factors including the likelihood of success.  IMMLAC will thoroughly address each factor for you.

Full-Service Appeal

A full service circuit court brief includes entry of Lisa A. Compagno, Esq. as the attorney of record and lead counsel with the circuit court.  IMMLAC will write the brief, prepare and file required paper copies of the brief with the court and properly serve other interested parties, prepare and file required copies of the appendix with the court and properly serve other interested parties.  An additional fee may apply if the case is scheduled for an oral argument. 

Brief-Only Appeal

A brief-only appeal is just that.  IMMLAC will simply prepare the brief for you.  You will enter your appearance as the attorney of record and will be responsible for filing the appropriate paper copies of the brief and appendix with the court.