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IMMLAC specializes in supporting other attorneys in the form of consultations, assistance with visa preparation, research, writing, litigation strategy, motions, and appeals. IMMLAC manages a variety of cases including family-based and employment-based petitions, U visas and others, waivers (unlawful presence, 212(h), 212(d)(3) etc.), credible fear interview reconsideration requests, NTA review, pre-hearing briefs, closing arguments, appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals, appeals to the Administrative Appeals Office, Circuit Court appeals, mandamus actions, and naturalization appeals.

Why Choose IMMLAC

IMMLAC was founded on the principles of integrity, honesty, transparency, and fairness. Led by Lisa A. Compagno, Esq., IMMLAC is the culmination of Lisa’s long and successful career. She has exclusively practiced immigration law for over 17 years. Lisa’s breadth of experience includes prosecuting immigration cases in both federal and immigration court; writing immigration statute and regulations; reviewing appeals in exclusion, deportation and removal proceedings; drafting and reviewing circuit court brief changes for the government and in private practice; preparing the Assistant Solicitor General for argument before the U.S. Supreme Court; and counseling immigration attorneys on the complexities of their cases and litigation strategy.  

In establishing this firm, it was important to Lisa that her firm’s name not only represent her area of practice, but her passion for the practice of law. Advocacy is defined as “the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal.”  It is this aspect of practicing law that drives Lisa to work tirelessly on a given case. There is a moment in every case.  A moment of satisfaction and confidence that you have conquered some argument or crafted a person’s story in such a way that it will persuade even the most jaded adjudicator. This moment defines the IMMLAC experience.

Expert Advocacy Your Client Needs

With IMMLAC, you will receive a meticulous and comprehensive work product in a timely fashion at a reasonable rate. Deadlines dictated by a court or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are important, but Lisa’s internal deadlines for your work is equally important. Similarly, timely and regular communication are essential in supporting you and your case. Lisa also realizes that as the attorney on the “front lines” you are doing most of the work in any given case. Her rates strive to reflect the fact that she is working behind the scenes to support your practice.  

If you are overwhelmed with work, unsure of what your next step(s) should be, or simply want a second opinion, IMMLAC is here to assist you. We are here to advocate for you. Allow us the opportunity to find that moment in your case.

Not an Attorney?

We would be happy to refer you to a immigration attorney in your area. IMMLAC is an excellent referral source due to the number of attorneys with which we work. Additionally, IMMLAC may work directly with foreign nationals, lawful permanent residents or United States citizens under special circumstances. Contact Us to request a referral.





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